Create cohesive customer journey with Salesforce Enterprise Transformation

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Today’s consumer is inter-connected, informed and tech savvy. Customers expect the organizations they work with to be likewise empowered. Just for the numbers, according to the Salesforce 2016 “State of the Connected Customer,” 50 percent of customers admit that technology has significantly altered their expectations of how interaction with companies should be. In addition, 71 percent of consumers quote that customer services offered at any time has an impact on their loyalty.

Salesforce is the industry-preferred customer relationship management (CRM) platform that enables marketing, sales, commerce, service, and IT teams’ function as one from anywhere.


Why Salesforce for business transformation?

Salesforce plays a key role in companies that take business transformation on a serious note having a change management plan, focussed on core business areas looking for improvement. We, at Huminn, help organizations upgrade capabilities using Salesforce in a structured format paving the way to a robust digital transformation process. By this we enable organizations first to improve the areas which benefit their business the most, while also collating related changes together.

Salesforce is popular as a powerful driver of digital transformation industry-wide because it is generally the organization’s data warehouse where key figures exist, and business processes emanate.


What we do?

Gone are the days when the organization need to invest in a gamut of new technologies. We, with Salesforce, help organizations with increased transformation capabilities by plugging a growing number of third-party integrations into their applications mostly through an API. Investing in Salesforce is a giant step into the future with huge strides made in the areas of AI & predictive analytics, also with the CRM platform’s continuing R & D efforts and launch of new functionalities on an ongoing basis.

Salesforce too, with its increasing number of user base, allow its users to upgrade their proficiency level fast, and initiatives like Trailhead guarantees users are focused all down the line thereby leveraging learning opportunities. We help organizations and enterprises build a better overall digital culture, with the deployment of Salesforce adding a high degree of standardization across business operation.

Make it easy for customers and partners to do business with you

Our goal is to make your business journey into the future exciting and successful. We help you redefine your customer relationships by helping organizations transform the way they connect, interact and engage with their customers. Our hand-on approach and co-creation of customized Salesforce solutions will help you boost sales and increase productivity. Some of our unique mandatory process includes license optimization & zero based business process redesign

License Optimization

Saves 50% of existing spend

Zero based process design

Operational efficiency improvements

Accelerators & Customization

Reduces implementation time

Real value of Salesforce implementation comes when there is impeccable adoption and seamless integration with existing systems. That’s where we come in. Our Salesforce consulting & implementation service includes accelerators, time-tested strategies, comprehensive user adoption plans and hands-on training.