Business Consulting & Transformation through an interface of People, Process and Systems

Business Consulting
& Transformation

Almost every organization in the world agree that business transformation should be rank ordered by priority. Businesses today are overawed with multiple products and entrenched services, with customers overly struggling to find the right value for their current and future investment plans.

Let’s put it the other way around, businesses go the extra mile in configuring established IT systems—either product-or service-based or a combination of both—but quite often fail to wring the full value out of it. Going full system throttle is not the answer in this case; it must be a combined model of business processes, systems along with data, people, and the operating model.


What we do?

At Huminn, our business transformation consulting model encourages organization to achieve 360-degree business transformation, first by removing execution bottlenecks, and then eliminating processes that tend to decelerate productivity and efficiency.

We help reimagining the business outcome through the combination of People, Process and Systems. We take a ‘next best thing’ approach by implementing intelligent automation, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning wherever applicable, powered by data analytics.

We are basically talking about a new future operating model with digital systems and processes at the core of business operation, designed to manage a future of unpredictability and uncertainty. Huminn helps build hybrid and flexible business transformation models with a paradigm shift from how businesses can simply maximize technology to improve their bottom line to how they can best leverage it to support and engage their people.

We craft our success story by the outcome, and not just by the work we deliver and remain in the thick of action by providing end-to-end services centered on and around the problem statement to be addressed.

Transformations are hard, but that is the only option for organizations to keep up to changes

  • No one sets out to fail, but 70% of efforts to transform business performance don’t work
  • Our approach is comprehensive, addressing all levers to achieve faster, bigger, and more sustainable results
  • Often organizations believe just technology changes put them in a path to success, but the success is short-lived without the holistic approach
  • We always take a 3-way approach to create value and set the client for a sustainable transformation over coming years
  • This approach immensely helps to map the entire value streams of people, processes, and technology. Also helps provide full control and visibility into high performing teams, optimizing operations and have direct positive impact on financial performance

We bring a relentless, execution-focused value proposition through our proprietary 4D framework



Drum roll


This phase of work is a quick but detailed analysis of client’s existing landscape across the process, people and technology. Detail out the opportunities as smaller initiatives and potential $ impact and required Implementation of initiatives across different streams of work (people, process, or technology. Support the client through change management for 8 to 12 weeks
We come up with a potential $ savings and value, primarily targeted to cover the cost of upcoming changes. Come up with a timeline to implement and sequence them accordingly. For example quick wins, cost-saving initiatives to start followed by low investment/high return initiatives and goes on. In parallel, plan communication to customers and partners/suppliers to make sure the changes reach everyone impacted. Transition the support back to the client
Estimates of opportunity, not detailed projects. Assign owners and directly tag the outcome to top and bottom line of the financials. Manage change
Examples: License Optimization, process improvements elimination headcounts. Develop training material and extensively train the stakeholders.