No missed calls, lower wait times, and always available support

Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly Freshcaller) is a minimum-fuss, maximum delight voice platform that’s right-sized for your business.

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Intuitive and scalable

From set up, to daily operations, and scaling up, achieve everything in a few intuitive clicks.


made easy

Delight your customers with fast answers by using advanced voice AI capabilities.


Effortless performance

Get a complete view of your contact center performance and optimize operations easily.

Two-way conversations sit at the heart of any relationship

Have personalized voice interactions through high-quality and secure calls.


Set up your contact center
in just a few hours

Create a global contact center for your business that’s affordable and scalable. Handle any call scenario with advanced inbound routing. Bring your own carrier (BYOC) or purchase numbers from 90+ countries.

Develop a remote-ready

Empower remote support and sales teams to collaborate in real-time and resolve complex issues. Virtual leaders can monitor call volumes and service level attainment while keeping track of important conversations.


Know your
customers better

Learn everything that happened in a call by using call recordings, post-call transcripts, and call-lifecycle information. Monitor agent performance and keep a pulse on your customer satisfaction with live dashboards.

Reduce your
agent’s workload

Lighten your agents’ workload by using AI-powered voice bots that answer repetitive queries. Reduce wait times and offer reliable solutions with voice bots and speech-enabled IVR. Empower your agents to do their best work.

continue the conversation

Continue the
conversation on any channel

Freshdesk Contact Center is a part of the Freshdesk Omnichannel – A leader in effortless conversations. Make calls within Freshdesk and convert a call to a ticket with a single click. Continue the conversation across any channel, with every customer.

Accelerate customer experience innovation with Freshworks Neo

Respond faster to market changes and empower teams to know customers better with the combined power of Freshdesk and the Freshworks NEO platform. Meet your expanding customer support needs by integrating flexibly with rich APIs and pre-delivered integrations across 1,000+ Marketplace apps.