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On the brink of Scaling Up your Small Business?


If you are a Small Business Owner, I bet your life is one long series of to-do lists interspersed with bursts of adrenaline. Right from the moment the spark of your business idea took over your brain and refused to let you sleep, through the days you gathered the funding and the resources, looked at office spaces, researched your vendors with the utmost care, and found the people you wanted to build your business empire with, your hope, aspirations and tireless efforts have finally borne fruit today!

Now you have your own business that has grown through the past few years, step by tiny step, with your sweat and toil! For every jubilant expansion of your operations, you needed a new set of processes, new people, new systems and licenses in place to manage the processes. You probably addressed the needs of small and medium businesses as and when they cropped up, and ramped up the operations according to the demand, and I am sure making those quick tactical moves saved the day more than once for you.

But now, while you are standing on the brink of further expansion, and looking at the multiple departments, their individual processes, the associated systems or manual effort being put in place to meet the requirements for each department’s activities, and the multitude of silos that have been created organically over the years, you would have certainly realized that it is time to streamline your many processes.

You could be looking at simplifying operations, catering to a larger market, improving customer satisfaction, or even cutting unnecessary costs. Maybe you are looking for: 

  • Systems that would be useful in more than one department
  • People who could be used effectively, while giving them space to grow, thus eliminating avoidable manual efforts
  • Processes which may be optimized for your organization to become lean and agile to flourish in this continuously changing environment 

Have you considered the fact that everytime you make changes, you need to think about getting sustainable results across Systems, People & Processes? Keep in mind that changing one dimension without accommodating the reflecting changes on the other two cannot possibly render the desired results for your SMB’s expansion.

The first thing you would probably think of when you hear the word “transformation” is Digital Transformation, isn’t it? Getting as much Artificial Intelligence and Machine Language into your operational processes as possible can definitely boost the speed, prediction and analysis capabilities, and reduction of human error in all your systems. But you cannot spend exorbitant sums on software only and try to go overboard on the automation! 

You would need to know where, when and how much digitization will actually help a small, but successful SMB such as yours, and drive it to greater heights. Maybe you already have everything in place, but just need some realignment and optimization of existing systems or processes. While you may know the in and out of your own business, you would probably need help with solving business problems with software platforms like a customizable CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system!

So, what if there is someone who is trustworthy, patient and knowledgeable enough to understand your business, and the many processes that enable small and medium businesses to scale. Someone smart enough and experienced enough to see the hold-ups you are facing, and can give cost effective solutions? Someone who would not just give you a software as the only solution to solve what you think is your immediate requirement, but would be meticulous enough to take a complete end to end look at your SMB in its entirety, locate all your pain points and give you all the right combination of solutions to address them?

Huminn is that someone! We do not recommend solutions before discovering your exact need. We make sure to consider long term perspectives of your business instead of short term band-aid solutions. We take an end to end approach, right from diligence and implementation to aiding in change management (handhold your employees, customers, suppliers and partners) while implementing them, enabling maximum Return on Investment (ROI).

Huminn is what you could call your complete Business Transformation Partner for Small and Medium Businesses. That reliable someone who will have your best interests at heart in terms of cost efficiency, implementation protocols, ROI, and the training of the in-house employees. If you think that Business Transformation is too big a term for your Small and Medium Business needs, call Huminn at +1 (224) 442 3262 or visit now to see how even the smallest tweaks in your business and operational processes can earn you giant economic rewards!