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Take the “Efficient Core Operations” route to Successful Business Growth


Running a small or medium-sized business (SMB) comes with a unique set of challenges. You must handle business growth, keep an eye on the long-term vision, and simultaneously manage day-to-day operations.

With technological advancements, it is possible to manage digital transformation with ease. However, it is essential to realize that digital transformation is only a subcomponent of the overall business transformation. Whether you are looking at customizable solutions or consolidating IT systems, or scaling your business, the underlying objective is to improve your bottom line.

To establish a long-term roadmap to success, you require business transformation. It helps you with process reengineering, process integration, and process streamlining in the organization. These processes can be related to technology, or other domains like vendor management, lead management, customer acquisition, or warehouse management.

Business Transformation Roadmap

Business transformation can help you save up to 50% on operational costs and increase your profit by at least 30% if executed correctly.

How Is Business Transformation Different from Digital Transformation?

Business transformation involves end-to-end business consulting to modify or set new efficient, cost-effective processes for the overall working of the organization. Digital transformation is usually a subcomponent of business transformation and focuses only on integrating digital solutions into the working of an organization.

Business transformation includes a cultural shift in business processes as per the changing consumer demands. Not all challenges faced by businesses can be solved by technology alone. You require business transformation to achieve better process efficiency and profitability, and to know where the right technology can be used to really make a difference.

How Can Business Transformation Help in Expanding a Successful Business?

You can follow the following steps to achieve business transformation in core operations to scale your business faster: 

  • Understand the challenges

The first step in achieving business transformation in any organization is to understand the challenges that are being faced by the business. Usually, you require the expert services of a business transformation specialist like Huminn  to correctly identify the obstacles and prepare a roadmap towards successful implementation.

You can only improve what you understand. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the challenges before you get on the journey of business transformation.

  • Select the right tools

Once you have identified the challenges, you need to identify the right tools that can get you better efficiency in managing these challenges. Businesses usually tend to get swayed by the shiny object syndrome and select tools that are popular but do not match their requirements. Some of the most popular CRM solutions like Freshworks, Salesforce, and Zoho have achieved substantial savings for many companies. 

  • Look for optimization opportunities

All your problems would not go away by buying and deploying some software. You need to optimize various aspects of your business to resolve its current challenges. Be it in manufacturing, marketing, sales, or support, you need to ensure that the business processes are optimized in a way that you are getting the best possible result that is in line with or exceeds your targets. 

  • Identify business transformation partners suitable for SMBs

Rather than working with big names that cannot provide customized solutions, you need to identify partners like Huminn that understand the needs of small and medium-sized businesses, and can work with costs and timelines suitable to your business. 

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