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How To Choose The Right CRM Implementation Partner For Your Small Business?


CRM implementation is not a routine activity. Most big and small businesses in the US do not undertake CRM implementation every day. Therefore, choosing the right CRM implementation partner becomes critical to the success of the implementation.

Consequently, choosing the right CRM partner becomes significant, and the choice should only be made after the necessary thought and deliberation.

The criteria that you need to consider include:

The experience of the CRM partner: It is important to choose an experienced and reliable CRM implementation partner – with expertise and a proven track record of having undertaken similar implementations in similar industry sectors. Experience and track record mean that they have gone through the process multiple times and will be aware of the pitfalls and the problems and would not be learning at your expense. This almost always guarantees better implementation. Such partners will also be aware of any legacy CRM system you might be using and will be better placed to help you transition to the new one.

Expertise across business solutions: Most organizations use multiple business solutions in their operations. It is vital for the CRM implementation partner that you choose to work with, to have expertise across a range of business solutions such as ERP, HRM, BI, etc. The various business solutions need to integrate with each other. If the CRM implementation partner is familiar with other business solutions, they will be able to deliver a more robust implementation.

Cross-industry experience: While deep expertise in CRM implementation in your industry is good, the cross-industry experience of the CRM implementation partner is also an important criterion. Cross-industry experience of the implementation partner means that they bring with them considerable knowledge of implementation best practices across industries. The application of a broad spectrum of best practices almost always delivers a superior implementation solution.

Investments in skill updation: It is important to verify that your chosen implementation partner invests adequately in knowledge and skill updation and is aware of the latest technologies and solutions. While learning by doing is good, it is not enough. Constant skill updation and awareness of the latest technologies will equip the partner to be able to advise you better and undertake the implementation of a technologically current solution.

Record of collaboration with clients: CRM implementation (in fact, any implementation) is more than the partner working on completing the implementation. An efficient implementation is possible only with teamwork between the partner and the client. The partner needs to discuss the implementation plan with the client and share knowledge of the planned process. Also, many of the better implementation partners share broader knowledge through blogs, workshops, newsletters, etc. The approach to implementation, wherein the client is also empowered with knowledge, leads to collaborative working and superior outcomes.

CRM provider – CRM partner relationship. The relationship between the CRM technology provider and the CRM implementation partner is also a good indication of the quality of the partner. Established CRM providers recognize firms that provide good services and deliver innovative and customized solutions to the end-users as preferred partners. Such recognition by the CRM provider is an endorsement of the partner’s capabilities.

We can help!

You think through a whole lot of questions and evaluate a range of criteria before deciding on the CRM solution that best meets your business’s needs. The same amount of due diligence is also required in choosing your implementation partner. The due diligence should include the technical and ‘softer’ issues discussed above.

Huminn can help you extract the real value of your chosen CRM solution – whether it is Salesforce or Freshworks. Huminn is the preferred vendor and implementation partner for Salesforce and Freshworks, providing efficient implementation and seamless integration with existing systems. Our CRM implementation includes comprehensive user-adoption plans and hands-on training.

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