Small business transformation
As a Small Business Owner, why do I need Business Transformation? – Part 2


( This is a creative account of the business problems that a retail store owner may face while growing and expanding, and the valuable solutions that Huminn has to offer. )

So I called +1.224.442.3262 and spoke to the Managing Director himself. Believe me, that conversation made me feel comfortable instantly, quite unlike the impersonal “business development” people at large consulting companies! I was promised a free, no obligation Discovery Session, which frankly was difficult to refuse, and boy, am I thankful I took that opportunity.

Our conversation began with me talking about my own business explaining my operations, systems and outputs with the patient person from Huminn listening and asking insightful questions that made me reflect on my own business processes like I had never done before. That was when I realized how complicated my business and operational processes had become as I had implemented band-aid solutions every time there was a hitch, not once thinking of the redundancies that would arise in the long run. 

And the amount I was spending on the licenses! I hadn’t even thought of how much I was spending by authorizing new license purchases for every branch I owned when optimizing their usage could have saved me tonnes of money, which would have gone towards opening my 6th branch. If only I had known! But better late than never, right?

Huminn also opened my eyes to the power of automation. I immediately figured out how my poor cousin who multi-tasked in both the Accounts and Inventory departments could now be freed to do what he did best with Huminn’s custom coded software on readily available platforms which could be implemented in a heartbeat.

Involving Huminn in my Business Transformation Journey (Yes, I understood what it meant after that single Discovery Session, and yes, it has made a world of difference to my business) has been the wisest decision I have ever made, well, aside from choosing my wife! Huminn’s unique understanding of my business and the process frameworks they have prescribed have brought down my operating cost by 30% in just one year. Guess where all that money went!

I am the proud owner of my 6th branch of Dave’s Hardware this year, thanks to Huminn’s help and guidance, and I had to hire only half the people I thought I needed! As a bonus,I am planning to take a trip to the Bahamas with my wife on the savings from cancelling redundant licenses alone next year! 

Make your dreams come true too. Call Huminn at +1.224.442.3262 today. Or visit for more information about what they do. Book the Discovery session – I promise you will know more about your business by the end of it than you ever thought you did. It is zero-obligation too, so no risk at all. What are you waiting for?