Who We Are?

Huminn is an innovation-driven Business Transformation partner helping businesses in their growth phases to increase operational efficiency and create business impact and improved outcome. Simply put, Business transformation is the cultural, operational, and organizational change of an organization, industry, or ecosystem through a smart integration of people, process and tools.

What We Do?

We help organizations achieve increase in value for the investments with multiple interconnected goals, improving their performance and health. We help clients take a minimalistic yet innovative approach, helping clients simplify their operating model across people (organization), process and systems (tools).

How We Do?

The ‘human’ element forms the core of business transformation process at every level in an organization. We therefore leverage the ‘Design Thinking’ approach. Everyone and everything involved in the business process is considered an internal customer, thereby getting what they want from the prior step. This way of thinking creates gapless process, an outcome from each step with highest quality and continuous innovation.

Our Values create Value for Customers

  • Our Vision

    • Enable businesses in the growth stages (small and medium) to realize and increase the value to customers by helping them with holistic sustainable transformation across people, process and technology.
    • It is more than important now than ever to not just look, but also to contribute to a sustainable way to do business. We push and enable our customers to look at making small changes which will have a positive impact towards carbon free earth.
  • Our Values

    • Huminn takes a holistic transformational approach in finding the best solution for the clients
    • We charge fee to clients based on the potential outcome and not just by the effort.
    • Sustainable focus on every program we do with the clients, encouraging the clients to contribute to the carbon free path.
    • Employees are the our core assets, and we strive to build a culture around 3-Fs – freedom, fun and flat


Corporate Social Responsibility

Though we are small, we believe the business of a business is to give back to the people and earth.

We dedicate 2% of our revenue to the people through following causes

  • People (1%) – REF (Rural Education Force) – Early induction of students from different schools and universities into introduction of our services, enabling them in getting ready for corporate life.
  • Earth (1%) – With sustainability as core mission, we enable people around us and our clients to start smaller green initiatives in a goal towards carbon neutral earth.

News & Media

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