Who we are?

Huminn is an innovation-driven Business Transformation partner helping businesses in their growth phases to realize and increase value. We do this by taking a holistic approach of problem solving across people, process and systems to create a sustainable transformation resulting in operational efficiency, growth, culture change and financial metrics.

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Services & Technology

Huminn takes a holistic approach by addressing all the factors that create value for a organization including health and performance.


Business consulting

Huminn team work hand in glove with clients in a diverse array of industries to help change their organization’s trajectories no matter where they are travelling on their transformation journey.



We leverage the power of AI/ML and smart analytics to deliver customized customer experience and smarter business processes. AI/ML powered systems can transform business data into bespoke manageable insights for key decision-making.



We, at Huminn, understand the Salesforce is just not about CRM. We ensure that Salesforce, as a platform, can unlock strategic innovation opportunities as it comes built-in with a spectrum of capabilities to transform the entire business operation.



At Kaneeni, training candidates is not all about coaching and empowering future tech curriculum with daily doses of learning, it is about experiential education in motion through the power of storytelling. Find Ideas Labs, Sustainability Club, and more features.

Use Case Functions

Business Transformation

Overhaul of process, organization and technology landscape for a large scale manufacturing client Results: Enable client for added value, doubling the revenue in 3 years

Built for Transparency & Efficiency

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HR Consultancy<br> Management
HR Consultancy

Our goal is to make your business journey into the future exciting and successful. We help you redefine your customer relationships in the wake of the dynamic technological landscape.

Project Management <br>& Business Analysis
Project Management
& Business Analysis

Huminn helps clients assess, design and implement the enterprise portfolio management organization (EPMO) to achieve

Video <br>Intelligence

Video intelligence models have the power to understand what is happening in videos. Our custom models can identify and tag different entities in a video at unprecedented speed and scale.

Implementation <br>Services

Real value of Salesforce implementation comes when there is impeccable adoption and seamless integration with existing systems. That’s where we come in.

Computer <br>Vision

Computers today have the power to ‘see’ and understand what is happening in pictures. Our models can help detect objects such as cars, zoom in on regions of interest such as brand impressions

Natural Language <br> Processing
Natural Language

Natural Language Processing: NLP is enabling computers to process and analyze large amounts of natural language data. Huminn team is expertised and worked on several NLP projects and products, enabling customers in achieving cost and effort savings through automation of repeated manual entry activities.


Set New Career Goals

At Huminn, we set the bar a little higher for all our employees so that we can put them on the growth trajectory right from day one. We help take their work to the next level, and set career goals that are rewarding in itself.

  • Business Transformation
  • Salesforce
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
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